Getting the Most From Your Garage Flooring

If you need to choose between a new garage floor mats or a brand new rubber garage floor for your vehicle, garage flooring isn't going to be a big priority. However, in most cases finding an attractive and affording product to cover over the old concrete simply makes all the financial and logical sense. There's nothing worse than looking forward to a nice summer night with your friends and having to roll up your car in an old pad because the floor is so badly worn. On the other hand, there are few things more frustrating, especially if you need to use your garage for almost anything other than parking your vehicle.

That's why it's so important that you consider all of your options and make the right decision for your garage's flooring before the weather gets hot. The first and most obvious decision you'll have to make is whether you're going to go with a mat or a rubber floor. Mats come in a wide variety of styles and colors that make them easy to match with your current garage decor. Most people stick with mats made from rubber but if you're willing to splurge a little you can buy something made from wood that will look amazing as well as protect your concrete floor from stains. Just be sure to let the wood age before you apply any protective coating.  Find out more about polyurea coating solutions.

Another option when it comes to garage flooring is water-based products like Stripping Agent or Kinetico. These products don't trap any moisture so they're really ideal for humid or wet climates. However, since they don't contain any adhesive they can easily rip or tear if they get too much moisture. The best choice for a climate like yours would be rubber, since it can provide some protection from moisture without tearing. For regular climates use Stripping Agent.

If you're worried about the appearance of garage flooring you can always opt for one of the many faux tiles available on the market today. If you live in a particularly warm or hot climate you should think twice about this option, but otherwise these tiles should do just fine. These faux tiles are designed to look like authentic wood, stone, glass, marble etc... However, they are actually made out of a plastic composite material that looks great. You may need to adjust the grout a bit if it isn't uniform throughout your entire garage floor (usually about an inch or two) but other than that it's hard to tell what the tiles even contain.

When choosing garage floor coating  you also have a couple of choices. High gloss is probably the most popular choice, and you'll find a wide variety of options here. Unfortunately, high gloss coverings can be very slick, and not all people enjoy this look. Another option, which can help keep the garage floor dry is using liquid or paste sealants. These types of coatings work well in conjunction with liquid or paste sealants, and they can provide a clear coating which is relatively maintenance free, and won't allow moisture to penetrate underneath.

If you're looking for a durable, low maintenance option for keeping your concrete garage flooring looking great, a low gloss epoxy system may be the right choice for you. Epoxy systems, as the name suggests, are applied in a similar way to the liquid or paste sealants, but the system can be more difficult to apply if it's going to be used on an existing concrete floor. The epoxy system also has a wide range of different colors, so you're sure to find a great looking color to suit your home. Finally, you can opt for a new garage flooring coating if you don't feel that you can maintain the appearance of the garage flooring using these methods.

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